Our Story

There's nothing like the pure joy of good bread and the smile it brings. This appreciation found its way to Yukiko Morita, the creator of Pampshade, during her time working in a bakery. It was there that she gradually fell in love with the beauty and power borne from a few everyday ingredients.

"I want many people to experience the inviting charm of bread."
—Yukiko Morita

A rustically scored baguette, a delicate croissant. Bread is art, yet its existence is fleeting. Yukiko set out to create a new genre of art that focused on using bread as the basis of expression. From this desire came the idea of realizing the radiating joy of bread from within — a glowing lamp made of bread.

Ingredients: Bread flour, cake flour, salt, yeast, LED lights, power cord, batteries…

A Second Life for Unwanted Bread

During Yukiko's time working in a bakery, she was deeply affected by seeing significant food waste as unsold bread was discarded. Today, she collects unwanted loaves from bakeries and recycles them into lamps. While not every Pampshade is made in this way, it's her aim to increase this practice of rescuing bread for a new life as art.

No Crumb Is Wasted

To illuminate the bread's crust, the inside must be removed. After each loaf has been hollowed out, the nutritious interior is kept for use in recipes such as rusks, French toast, and croutons. We make every effort to never let a crumb go to waste and are currently working on methods for creating new products.

May our bread lamps bring warmth and joy into your life!