FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

About Our Products

Q Are Pampshades made with real bread?

A Yes! Pampshades are made from real bread that has been carefully hollowed out and preserved with an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal coating. While Pampshades look delicious, they are not edible.

Q Do Pampshades spoil or grow mold?

A The innovative process for creating each lamp includes an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal coating that keeps your Pampshade shining bright for years to come. However, if the coating is damaged, the moisture can get inside and cause mold. Some insect and rat damage may also occur. 

Are Pampshades edible? 

A No, Pampshades are not edible. You may be tempted to take a bite, but please don't! We apply a special coating on the surface and inside to preserve the lamp for many years of use. However, just in case a child or pet accidentally licks the Pampshade, please rest assured that the coating we use is non-toxic.

Q How are Pampshades made?

A Each Pampshade begins by baking the bread to exact specifications. We then carefully cut through the crust and hollow out the inside. Once satisfied with the crust's translucency, we coat the bread with a special protective finish, assemble it, and attach the electronic components.

Q  What do you do with the leftover bread? 

We love bread! That's why it's essential to us that we don't waste any part of it. Currently, we reuse the inside of the bread that we pull out as breadcrumbs and for sweets.

Will my Pampshade break? 

Pampshades are very fragile, so please handle with the same care that you would give to delicate glassware. We package all orders so that they arrive safely to their destination.  
If the coating is damaged, it may cause mold. For instant repairing, you can cover the damage with hot bond. If you would like perfect reparing, we do accept repair orders. Please send an message at contact.  

Are Pampshades waterproof? 

Pampshades are not waterproof. Please take care where you use your Pampshade. It's best not to use them in the bathroom or outside as direct contact with water may damage the electrical components.  

Will Pampshades work with my electrical outlet?


A Our Pampshades are powered either with batteries or by plugging into the wall. For smaller lamps, please use standard AA batteries (not included with your order). For larger lamps, please select the plug type in the drop-down on the product page before adding the Pampshade to your shopping cart. Currently, we offer the following plug types (100–220v):

Plug Type A: United States and Japan
Plug Type C: Europe
Plug Type BF: United Kingdom

Are Pampshades safe to use? 

A Our customers' safety is very important to us, which is why every product we sell conforms to CE standards. Furthermore, all plug types we offer include the PSE and FCC marks.  

How long will an AA battery work? 

A The continuous lighting time is depending on the quality of AA battery.  In case of Panasonic EVOLTA, the lamp can glow with enough brightness for about 7 hours. In case of Panasonic eneloop (rechargeable battery), it can last for about 8 hours. We recommend you to use the rechargeable battery (more than 1900mAh) for continuous use. 

What does "Pampshade" mean?

A  Pan + Lampshade = Pampshade

We wanted to make a name as unique as the idea it represents. "Pampshade" is the blending of two seemingly incompatible elements — bread and lampshades. Bread is called "pan" in Japanese (pronounced as "pän"), which similar to the French "pain" and Spanish "pan." By combining the Japanese word "pan" with "lampshade," the result is the Pampshade!

About Your Order

Q  What is your return policy?

A We are happy to help you with a refund or replacement, depending on your shipment's circumstances.

If you receive a damaged package, please make a record of it on the delivery note that you sign for the courier, keep the product and the packaging in the same way they arrived to you, and take as many photos as possible (of the packaging and the contents). Once you have documented the damage, please contact the courier services to file a claim.

If the package is received in good condition, but the electronic components fail to work, please contact us within one (1) week of the shipment's arrival. We will quickly resolve the issue by either refunding or replacing the damaged product. To begin this process, please contact us at contact form

If the bread get mold within one (1) year of purchase, without any damage on the coating, we can accept refunding or exchanging. Please contact us. 

 Can I change or cancel my order? 

A We are happy to modify your order when possible. Please note that we can only change or cancel your order before preparing it for shipment. Please contact us with your request, and we will quickly be in touch with you. 

What happens if I don't receive an order confirmation?

A You should receive an order confirmation in your email inbox after completing your order. If you do not receive this confirmation, one of the following possibilities is likely: 

• Your order confirmation was sent to your email spam folder  
• Your order was not completed on our website
• Your email address was not correctly entered during checkout 

Please check your spam folder and credit card/debit card account transaction history first. If you are unable to confirm that your order went through, please contact us with your order information, and we will be happy to check our system.